UDI Holy Ash Of Sai Baba

Udi is not the ordinary ash it is sacred ash. It is the ash from the dhuni which Baba had lit by his yogic power. Hence the Udi has all the powers of Baba Sai nath . It is so powerful and blessed that even it is used to treatment of major diseases. It is included one of the miracles of him .

Udi has the Power to treat any disease which is given by Sai baba to his devotee.

A certain doctor`s  nephew had bone-cancer. The doctor tried all remedies, including surgical operation, but in vain. With acute pain, the boy cried pitiably. At last the doctor brought the boy to Baba and threw all burden on him. Daily Baba placed a blessing glance on the wound and applied Udi on it. Within a week, the boy was completely cured.

Another doctor had a guinea-worm in his leg, which was terribly swollen and caused intense pain. He approached Baba with a request to release him from his mortal coil and thus end his agony for good. Baba daily applied Udi to his leg and also administered it orally. One day, an attendant inadvertently stepped on the doctor s affected leg with the result that the wound burst open and the guinea-wom was driven out. The doctor was soon cured.

There are countless instances of this kind. But I will tell you one, deserving special mention.

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