108 names of shri sai baba

The wreath of 108 names of the admired Shirdi Sai baba

1. Om Shri Sai naathaaya Namah:.
Om, to the respected Lord Sai,

2. Om Laksmiinaaraayanaaya Namah.
Om, to ( Worship in the Form of Lord Vishnu whose wife is Goddess Laxmi )

3. Om Krishna-Raama-Shiva-Maaruty aadi-roopaya Namah.
Worship as Main God of hindu Religion Like Ram Shiv Hanuman and krishna
4. Om Sheshashaayine Namah.
Om, to Vishnu (in his aforementionned form) laying on Shesha (Divine Snake who has 5 sheesh ).

5. Om Godaavarii-tata-shiiladhii-vaasiine Namah.
Om, to who has His abode near to the Holy river Godavari

6. Om Bhakta-hridaalayaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who live in heart of Devotee.

7. Om Sarva-hrinnilayaaya Namah.
Om, to Him whose abode the hearts of all beings.

8. Om Bhuutaavaasaaya Namah.
Om, to Him in whom the beings dwell.

9. Om Bhuuta bhavishyad-bhaava-varjitaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who has knowledge of past, future and present.

10. Om Kaalaatiitaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who rise above time and death.

11. Om Kaalaaya Namah.
Om, to Refer to Lord krishna

12. Om Kaalakaalaaya Namah.
Om, to (Shiva as Savior of His devotee Markandeya menaced by Yama) the Death of Time

13. Om Kaala-darpa-damanaaya Namah.
Om, to (Shiva in His aforementionned form) the Subduer of the pride of Time

14. Om Mrityunjayaaya Namah.
Om, to (Shiva in His aforementionned form) the Death-winner

15. Om Amartyaaya Namah.
Om, to the Deathless One

16. Om Martyaabhaya-pradaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who gives mortals immortality

17. Om Jeevaadhaaraaya Namah.
Om, to Him who sustains the living (beings)

18. Om Sarvaadhaaraaya Namah.
Om, to Him sustains all
19. Om Bhaktaavana-samarthaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who has the power to protect His devotees

20. Om Bhaktaavana-pratijnaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who promises to grant favors to (His) devotees

21. Om Anna-vastra-daaya Namah.
Om, to Him who grants food and clothing

22. Om Arogya-kshema-daaya Namah.
Om, to Him who grants health and patience

23. Om Dhana-maangalya-pradaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who freely gives wealth and fortune

24. Om Riddhi-siddhi-daaya Namah.
Om, to Him who grants (yogic)powers and realization

25. Om Putra-mitra-kalatra-bandhu-daaya Namah.
Om, to Him who grants sons, friends, wives and kin

26. Om Yoga-kshema-vahaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who brings forth yogic accomplishment

27. Om Aapad-baandhavaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who washes away misfortunes

28. Om Maarga-bandhave Namah.
Om, to (Shiva as sung in a celebrated hymn by the mystic, philospher, and literate Appayya Dikshita) the Friend along the path

29. Om Bhukti-mukti-swargaapavarga-daaya Namah.
Om, to Him who grants fruitions, liberation, heaven and abandonment of rebirth

30. Om Priyaaya Namah.
Om, to the Beloved One

31. Om Priiti-vardhanaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who increases love
32. Om Antaryaamine Namah.
Om, to (the Absolute as Paramatman, the Supreme Self) the Inner Ruler

33. Om Saccidaatmane Namah.
Om, to (Paramatman) who self Being and Consciousness are

34. Om Nityaanandaaya Namah.
Om, to (Paramatman) who is Eternal Bliss

35. Om Parama-sukha-daaya Namah.
Om, to Him who grants supreme ease

36. Om Parameshvaraaya Namah.
Om, to (Paramatman) the Supreme Lord

37. Om Parabrahmane Namah.

Om, to (Paramatman) the Supreme Brahman

38. Om Paramaatmane Namah.
Om, to the Supreme Self

39. Om Jnaana-svaruupine Namah.
Om, to (Paramatman) whose nature very nature gnosis is

40. Om Jagatah pitre Namah.
Om, to (Brahma) the Father of the universe

41. Om Bhaktaanaam maatri dhatri pitaamahaaya Namah.
Om, to (Brahma) who is a mother for (His) devotees, the Bearer (of universe) and the Great Sire

42. Om Bhaktaabhaya-pradaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who freely gives to (His) devotees fearlessness

43. Om Bhakta-paraadiinaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who cares for (His) devotees

44. Om Bhaktaanugraha-kaataraaya Namah.
Om, to Him who is very gracious to (His) devotees

45. Om Sharanaagata-vatsalaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who loves those who seek refuge (in Him)

46. Om Bhakti-shakti-pradaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who freely gives devotion and power

47. Om Jnaana-vairaagya-daaya Namah.
Om, to Him who grants gnosis and detachment

48. Om Prema-pradaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who freely gives love

49. Om Samshaya-hridaya-daurbalya-paapakarma-vaasanaa-kshaya-karaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who causes obliteration of doubts, heart feebleness, sins, karman( of present and past lives) and the traces (thereof)

50. Om Hridaya-granthi-bhedakaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who cuts off the heart knot (Upanishadic metaphor for ultimate realization)

51. Om Karma-dhvamsine Namah.
Om, to the Destroyer of karman (of present and past lives)

52. Om Shuddha-sattvasthitaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who stays in pure minds

53. Om Gunaatiita-gunaatmane Namah.
Om, to (paramatman) who transcents attributes and (yet) is the very self of attributes

54. Om Ananta-kalyaana-gunaaya Namah.
Om, to (Vishnu as worshipped by the Pancaratra tradition) who is possessed of infinite auspicious attributes

55. Om Amita-paraakramaaya Namah.
Om, to Him whose strength is unmeasureable

56. Om Jayine Namah.
Om, to the Conqueror

57. Om Durdharsha kshobhyaaya Namah.
Om, to the Unconquerable and Unshakable One

58. Om Aparaajitaaya Namah.
Om, to the Invincible One

59. Om Trilokeshu avighaatha-gataye Namah.
Om, to (Vishnu in His descent in the world as the Brahmin dwarf, Vamana) whose going in unimpeded in the three worlds (earth, intermediate space, and heaven)

60. Om Ashakya-rahitaaya Namah.
Om, to Him for whom nothing is impossible

61. Om Sarva-shakti-muurtaye Namah.
Om, to Him who is All-Powerful

62. Om Suruupa-sundaraaya Namah.
Om, to the Handsome and Beautiful One

63. Om Sulocanaaya Namah.
Om, to Him with beautiful eyes

64. Om Bahu ruupa vishva muurtaye Namah.
Om, to Him of many shapes, having all forms

65. Om Aruupaavyaktaaya Namah.
Om, to (Paramatman) the Formless and Unmanifest One

66. Om Acintyaaya Namah.
Om, to (Paramatman) the Unthinkabale One

67. Om Suukshmaaya Namah.
Om, to (Paramatman) the Subtle One

68. Om Sarvaantaryaamine Namah.
Om, to (Paramatman) who is everybody s Inner Ruler

69. Om Manovaagatiitaaya Namah.
Om, to (Paramatman) who transcends mind and speech

70. Om Prema-muurtaye Namah.
Om, to Him whose face Love (as the ultimate mystic experience) is

71. Om Sulabha-durlabhaaya Namah.
Om, to Him easy to reach (yet) difficult to approach

72. Om Asahaaya sahaayaaya Namah.
Om, the Helper of the Helpless

73. Om Anaathanaatha-diina-bandhave Namah.
Om, to the Protector of those without protector, the Friend of the poor

74. Om Sarva-bhaara-bhrite Namah.
Om, to Him who takes upon Himself everyone s burden

75. Om Akarmaaneka-karma-sukarmine Namah.
Om, to Him who well accomplishes the unsavory tasks

76 Om Punya-shravana-kiirtanaaya Namah.
Om, to Him the hearing of whose glorification is purifying

77 Om Tiirthaaya Namah.
Om, to the (holy) Ford

78 Om Vaasudevaaya Namah.
Om, to (Krishna) Vasudeva s Son

79. Om Sataangataye Namah.
Om, to the Ultimate Resort of the good

80. Om Satparaayanaaya Namah.
Om, to the Final End of the good

81. Om Lokanaathaaya Namah.
Om, to the Lord of the worlds

82 Om Paavanaanaghaaya Namah.
Om, to the Purifier Immaculate, !

83. Om Amritaamshave Namah.
Om, to (the Moon identified with Holy Plant Soma) whose filaments give forth the juice of immortality

84. Om Bhaaskara-prabhaaya Namah.
Om, to the Sun of shining halo

85. Om Brahmacarya-tapascaryaadi-suvrataaya Namah.
Om, to Him whose vows are chastity, asceticism and so on

86. Om Satya-dharma-paraayanaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who is the ultimate resort of truthfulness

87. Om Siddheshvaraaya Namah.
Om, to Shiva of Yogic powers

88 Om Siddha-sankalpaaya-Namah.
Om, to the Lord of the Realized Ones (the immortal yogin Dattatreya)

89. Om Yogeshvaraaya Namah.
Om, to (Shiva) the Lord of Yoga.

90. Om Bhagavate Namah.
Om, to the carrier of Divine magnificence

91. Om Bhakta-vatsalaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who loves His devotees,

92. Om Satpurushaaya Namah.
Om, to the True Male Human being(purusa).

93. Om Purushottamaaya Namah.
Om, to the Best among Men

94. Om Satya-tattva-bodhakaaya Namah.
Om, to (the Guru) who awakens (His disciples) to the Principles of Reality.

95. Om Kaamaadi-shad-vairi-dhvamsine Namah.
Om, to the Destroyer of the Six Foes beginning with Desire (Desire, Anger, Greed, Hatred, Pride, and Envy)

96 Om Abhed-aanandaanubhava-pradaaya Namah.
Om, Saibaba lives in the heart of his devotee and cant be seprate of them.
97. Om Sama-sarva-mata-sammataaya Namah.
Om, All religions are same according to sai baba .
98. Om Shrii dakshinaa-muurtaye Namah.
Om, Lord Shiva form who face on south side

99. Om Shrii venkatesha ramanaaya Namah.
Om, Sai form Lord Vishnu and incarnation of Lord Rama
100. Om Adbhutaananta-caryaaya Namah.
Om, to Him of wonderful and magnificent performer !

101. Om Prapannaarti-haraaya Namah.
Om, to Him who takes away the pains of those who yield themselves to him

102. Om Samsaara-sarva-duhkha-kshaya-karaaya Namah.
Om, to the Cause of the obliteration of every suffering of the Round of Rebirth

103. Om Sarvavit-sarvato-mukhaaya Namah.
Om, to the Omniscient One, whose face is turned everywhere

104. Om Sarvaantar-bahih-sthitaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who stays inside and outside all(beings)

105. Om Sarva-mangala-karaaya Namah.
Om, he is Giver and fulfiller of all wishes of his devotee

106. Om Sarvaabhiista-pradaaya Namah.
Om, to Him who freely gives all things wished for

107. Om Samarasa-sanmaarga-sthaapanaaya Namah.
He Make a Common path for all his pupils a human religion
108. Om Shrii samartha sadguru Saaii naathaaya Namah.
Om, to the Venerable effectual True Guru, the Lord Sai Baba,

Shri Sadguru Sai Naatha Mahaaraaja kii Jaya!
Hail Shri Sainath Maharaj, the Supreme Guru

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