Method Of Worship Of Sai Baba

Sai Baba Thursday Guruvaar

There is a very special meaning behind offering prayers to Sai on a Thursday. Many consider Thursday (guruvaar) as the day of the Saint/guru/Teacher. Saint/guru/Teacher is given a very special position in all the religions.
It is the Lord/Master/guru/instructor who direct us how to lead a perfect life with offering and teaching about human principles. They encourage and motivate us to tread the right path. Sai Baba has always advised his followers to lead a blameless life. It is because of this reason he has so many followers.
Since Thursday is regarded as the day of Saint/guru/Teacher people crowd Sai temple on this day to worship the Lord.
Sai Baba mantra “Sabka malik ek hai” preaches that there is one divine power in the universe which protects and cherish us.

Sai Baba Worship Method

1.) Holy Bath To Sai Baba

First of all offer a holy bath to saibaba with Trimid (Mixture of Holy water, Milk, Curd). After that again offer a fresh bath with water. Now wipe him to silk soft cloth slowly .

2.) Light Two Lamps Diyaes

Light 2 lamps one for Shardha (Faith) and second for Saburi(Patient ) infront of Shirdi saibaba statue or photo .) You can let the lamp glow atleast for 20 minutes everyday by pouring enough amount of ghee. Let the lamp be put off naturally after the ghee or oil gets over.

3.) Read The Book Sai SatCharita

Life of shirdi sai baba or close the eyes and view from heart who is sai. How he spent his life. Why is so much near to God or even himself God .
If you don’t know about him enough . then you should use book Sai SatCharita
Even if thats not possible try to say 108 names of Shirdi Sai baba

4.)Chanting Shirdi Saibaba Name

Chant sai sai sai…sai sai sai…sai sai sai for 10 minutes
or any of your favourite chanting given below or mantra,sloka you like of any God or Goddess
“Aum Sai naathaaya namaha”,
“Aum sai sri sai jaya jaya sai”

5.).Offer Food To Sai

You can offer milk, fruits or any food to sai

6.).Speak To Shirdi Sai Baba In Your Mind

After finishing above prayers in about 20 minutes or longer based on your time availability, Speak to Baba from bottom of your heart about your needs and problems.Shirdi Saibaba resides in your heart .so in your mind express baba about your wishes, desires and problems. Ask him to bless you with what he thinks is good for you. If sai thinks your needs or desires will do good to you in future,you will surely get hints from him to take proper decision..

Two lamps you lit are two eyes of shirdi sai – Shradha ( faith ) and Saburi ( Patience )

7.) Look At The First Lamp And Think

Shirdi saibaba , please bless me to live my whole life under your blessings .I have full Faith on you and offering myself in your feet. I know in your shade you always stay and tread me to right way.
Look at the Second lamp and think patient is the true happiness of this life.
Shirdi Saibaba , please bless me to face life with total surrender in your feet and help me have patience untill you shower your rewards for my devotion

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