FAQ Common Questions and Answers of Sai Baba of Shirdi

Qst 1) Who is Sai Nath ?
Ans 1) Sai Nath was an Indian Saint ,fakir, Guru as well as Incarnation of Supreme Power . He was demonstrated by his unbelievable miracles. His teachings was based on humanity on the way of secularism .

Qst 2) Which religion sai baba belongs to ?
Ans 2) Sai baba belongs to True  human religion .No body knew about his parents , his birth place about his early life.

Qst 3 )When was sai baba birthday (Jayanti) and Mahasamadhi (Punyathithi) celebrated ?
Ans 3 Sai baba born on around  September 28, 1835 and  he took mahasamadhi on 15th Oct. 1918.

Qst 4) Why shirdi has his world famous temple ?
Ans 4) Sai baba arrived at the age of 16 and lived here till his mahasamadhi .So shirdi became his best place of worship .

Qst 5) Why people worship him as holy incarnation of God
Ans  5) Sai baba helped his devotee by unordinary (Miraculous ) method . he has power to lighting lamp with water. He saved life

Qst 6) How can I reach shirdi temple ?
Ans 6) Shirdi sai baba temple is in Rahata Tahasil in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra State (India)

Qst 7) What is the map of shirdi Sai baba temple.?

Ans 7) Shri Sai Baba Temple map you can find just click here .

Qst 8) How Sai baba idol is established in shrine of Shirdi temple.

Ans 8) After mahasamadhi Sai baba is worshiped by a sai baba large portrait and it is placed near the tomb of sai baba .

Qst 9) How can I get accommodation at shirdi ?
Ans 9) You can find many dharmsala and hotels in shirdi

Qst 10)How can I pray and worship of sai baba ?
Ans 10) Sai baba prayer of worship  is very simple and he is kind guru and god and be happy to see true dedication of his devotee.

Qst 11) How can I do fast of Shirdi sai baba

Ans 11) Shri Shirdi Sai Baba fast is done on Thursday.

Qst 12) Which ones are the maha mantra of shirdi sai baba ?

Ans 12) Shri Sai Baba MahaMantra are the Chants of him. you can fine Sai Nath Maha Mantra From here

Qst 13) May I do online worship of shri shirdi sai baba

Ans 13) You can worship by imaginary temple of sai baba .

Qst 14) How can I donate to this sai baba shirdi website

Ans 14) You can Donate your valuable donation by online or offline method .

Qst 15)  Why my donation is important here

Ans 15) Donation is important to fulfill many tasks of sai baba .without donation many tasks are difficult to handle. A Donation is offring to God to thanks him .

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