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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why should I advertise at
A. For many reasons and chief among them
(a) gives enormous exposure to your business,
(b) It ischeaper than print medium, and
(c)Your advertising is verifiable unlike other mediums.
Q. Do I get concession for long term campaigns?
A. Yes & no. We offer volume based discounts on campaigns. You will get discounts for short term 3 to 6 month campaigns and long term beyond 6 month campaigns but not if the
volume of the campaign is small. We also offer discounts for not-for-profit organizations.
Q. What`s the difference & advantages between short term and long term campaigns?
A. Difference : The short term campaign can range anywhere between three to six months and long term campaigns range beyond six months. Advantages :
Q. Can I have my ad only on the home page of
A. You can have your ad anywhere you want including home page.
However you may like to note the following variables. Ads are placed on
pages that can give you maximum exposure. A majority of the traffic that
is received by comes organically through search (Google,
Bing, Ask…) and not just from our home page. So by limiting your
campaign strictly to our home page you may not reach our entire audience.
Q. Can I have more than one banner in my campaign?
A. Of course yes, you can have as many banners as you want in a given
campaign. In fact we strongly recommend you to always have more than one banner in a campaign
Q. I do not know how to design a banner ad?
A. Well, our designers will be glad to help you in designing your ad.
Please contact us for rates. We strongly suggest that you work with a
designer who`s readily accessible to you and who can understand your
desires and needs and translate that graphically in an effective fashion.
Q. What does `impressions` mean?
A. Impressions simply mean number of times an ad is seen or shown. For
example, 1000 impressions means that your ad will be shown 1000

Advertisement prospects:

Leaderboard: 720×90 pixels banner
above footer links of the page.
Medium Rectangle: 300×250 pixels

Vertical Rectangle 150×600 pixels


1) The creatives can be jpeg, gif or animated (Flash). The creative size should be less than 25 KB.
2) An advertiser can also run innovations at multi sites
3)  The product or service can also be promoted through Facebook and Twitter and other Social Websites

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