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If you would like to present thanks to shirdi sai baba , if you want to beg something to sai baba then just write your prayers with true heart at below form and we believe it will be reach in the holy feet of shirdi sai baba and he will accept your prayers .So use the Online Prayer room to sai Baba



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Recent Online Prayers To Shirdi Sai Baba

Devotee from Usa... tells
Om sairam,on sairam,on sairam

I surrender to you and with my faith in you I am sure you take away obstacles and help my family esply my daughter with good health and happiness.when I read your saritra I understand your power and compassion,please help us and direct us in the right path.jai sairam,jai sairam,jai sairam 🙏🏼
Divya Sinha from Patna... tells
Sai baba, I badly need you baba. Please come baba. Help me. I need you Sai baba.
Om Sai Ram 🙏
D Nandini from Besanth Nagar Chennai... tells
when my son will be cured from mental illness
D Nandini from Hyderabad... tells
When I will get transfer to Hyderabad
Divya Sinha from Patna... tells
Om Sai Ram 🙏
Sai baba thank you so much for everything. You save my future baba. Please bless me, help me, be with me always baba. I need you all the time.
Baba please make him realize that he did wrong to me.

Thank you Sai baba.
Sai devotee
Divya Sinha

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