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If you would like to present thanks to shirdi sai baba , if you want to beg something to sai baba then just write your prayers with true heart at below form and we believe it will be reach in the holy feet of shirdi sai baba and he will accept your prayers .So use the Online Prayer room to sai Baba



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Recent Online Prayers To Shirdi Sai Baba

Devotee from Usa... tells
Om sai Ram,thank you for all your blessings.when I pray for something you give me the answer and hope give me peace of mind and each time one small improvement which makes the situation better.please bless me and my family as always,I surrender to you sai Ram.
Saranya from Tirunelveli... tells
Saibaba please help me my marriage is so delay I miss all marriage proposals please baba I want good character and professional husband please baba I want foreign working husband please help me baba
Renu from Sydney Australia ... tells
Sai baba please help my son Abhishek in getting good marks and rank to achieve his goals. Sai please bless him so that he can work hard and achieve his goal .Baba bless him with happiness always.Baba please bless your child Abhishek so that he can get confidence to do well and score high marks.
Rakesh Kumar from Hissar Haryana... tells
Sai baba plz help me to stop my divorce and give blessing for happy married life.
Devotee from Usa... tells
Sri sai Ram,I am going through some difficulties at work,please help me and bless me to do my job well and give me peace of mind.I also pray for my mom who is worried and sad due to family issues.please help us and give us strength. please bless my daughter with excellent health and my older daughter and son in law with success in their exams and carrier.thanks for listening always baba,I surrender to your feet.

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