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Most Famous Devotees Of Sai Baba

Foremost and Most Notable Devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba



Sai devotee Shama  Shama was very close to sai baba .he play a medium to conversion between sai devotees and sai baba .
Baba followed different ways of teaching to place the devotees on the right & religious path. Sometimes he was using the medium of Shama to teach the devotees. All the visitors used to move toward Shama through whom only they would go to Baba for placing their problems. When Shama was bitten by a snake, Baba s power only cured Shama.

Laxmibhai Shinde

Sai devotee laxmi bai shinde

She served Sai Baba for about 45 years. At the time of his Mahasamadhi, Baba offered her 9 silver coins representing 9 types of devotion to God.)

Laxmibai Shinde was sai baba female devotee, who worked in the masjid day and night. Except Bhagat Mhalasapati, Tatya and Laxmibai, none was allowed to step in the Masjid at night. Later she prepared food for Baba and served him with great love and devotion. Baba was highly grateful to her and showed his gratitude by giving her a gift of 9 Coin before taking Samadhi, which is thought to symbolize the nine characteristics of a good devotee.


Sai devotee Mahalsapati

Mahalsapati was the priest of the Khandoba Temple on the edge of the village of Shirdi.
Mahalsapati was the first one who called ‘Aao Sai ’ to view the divine grace of sai baba .
Mhalsapati, got the benefit of forty to fifty years of serving Sai Baba, may be considered among the foremost of his devotees. He stayed in mosquie with Tatya Kote Patil) with sai baba .

Abdul Baba

Sai devotee abdul baba

Abdul Baba a Muslim Fakhir came to Shirdi in around 1890 when he saw a call of sai baba in his dream . On his coming to Shirdi, Saibaba greeted him by saying "My crow has come". Baba engaged him to His services. Baba had a high regard for Abdul Baba and relied on him. Abdul Baba took care of Baba`s mosque and lit the lamps in Lendi Garden . Baba took care of his welfare, and often had him reading aloud passages from the Kuran.He also lit lamp in dwarakamai took care of lendi baag and cleaned dwaramai and chavadi .

Dasganu Maharaj

Sai devotee Das Ganu Maharaaj

Full name Ganpat Dattaraya Sahasrabuddhe, popularly known as Das Ganu Maharaaj or simply Ganu . Das Ganu was a hawaldar (policeman) by profession. He propagated about Baba across Maharashtra State. In childhood he disliked going to school but he wrote several books and note-worthy commentaries and some of his books were prescribed as university text books in Bombay .
Sri Sai Gurucharitra is a biography on the life of Sai Baba of Shirdi, writeen by ganu maharaaj .
he wrote famous bhajan ...sai raham najar karna baccho ka palan karna .

Bhagoji Shinde

Sai devotee Bhagoji shinde

Bhagoji Shinde was a sort of attendant to Baba, engaged in regular service to him. He was the first to enter the mosque in the early morning, and every day he used to massage first Baba s arm  and leg and then his body. Then he would light a chillim and the two of them would share it. Bhagoji also had the privilege of carrying the umbrella for Baba when he went to Lendi.
Bhagoji Shinde suffered from leprosy and yet he was among the closest to Saibaba. He accompanied Saibaba to Lendi garden carrying a parasol to give him shade. Once Saibaba got hurt while thrusting his hands into dhuni, Bhagoji was the one who bandaged the wound and dressed him long after it had healed.


Kakasaheb Dixit

Sai devotee Shri kakasaheb dixit

Hari Sitaram alias Kakasaheb Dixit was a well-known solicitor. Saibaba used to call him affectionately Langda Kaka and removed fear complex from his mind. Kaka Dixit was known for his obedience to Baba`s orders. He maintained a diary covering all the incidents and miracles in Shirdi. This diary not only covers the period after his arrival in Shirdi, but also prior to his arrival. His diary covers the period from 1909 to 1926 & is the first written document on Baba with abundant information, throwing light on Baba’s life. He attained beatitude with Baba`s Grace.

Bapu Saheb Buti

Sai devotee Bapusaheb Buti

He was a multi-millionaire .He was a devout devotee of Sai Baba. He had made Shirdi his residence to be close to Baba. The Samadhi Mandir, initially called ‘Buti Wada’, was built by him. Baba had appeared in Buti’s dream and ordered him to build a wada with a temple.

Nana Saheb Chandorkar

Sai devotee Nana Saheb

Nana Chandorkar was among the most prominent devotees of Baba. He was well educated and a Brahman.A Deput Collector by profession, he had the distinction of being one of the very few disciples that Baba directly called to his side.First person to understand Baba & first person to propagate about Baba with intense passion


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