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Original Pictures Of Sai Baba

This Website provide a huge collection of real and rare images of shirdi sai baba and his devotees . You can also see old shirdi town pictures , pictures where sai baba was feeding food, sitting with his disciples.
You can also download and send us original images via email at

One Devotee told about How Sai Baba lookes in physical description . Shri Sai Baba 's looks were very illuminious and eyes so shining and bright with Divya Shakti ( Divine Power) that no body could gaze at. If one would look at him for few minutes he would hang his head with tears in his eyes. His face was yellowish golden color and having beard and moustache.He was almost tall about 6 feet high. His arms were very long and reached below his knee. One could see Sainath Maharaj distributing Udi Prasad because of his long arms.

Sai Baba Rare and Old Photos Part 1

Shirdi sai baba sitting in white cloth Sai baba Standing Sai baba reading holy books
saibaba feeding animalsShirdi sai baba with tatyaShri Sai baba closeup face
Shirdi sai baba orignal image 7 Shirdi sai baba orignal image 8Shirdi sai baba orignal image 9
Shirdi sai baba orignal image 10 Shirdi sai baba orignal image 11Shirdi sai baba orignal image 12
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